Sharon Wright is an author, journalist and scriptwriter.
Based in London, England.



 4th January Mrs Brontë’ talk and afternoon tea, Southwark Cathedral, London.

18th January The Mother of the Brontës illustrated talk, Keighley Library.

20th January Meet the author: The Gothic Bookclub, Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham.

30th January The Mother of the Brontës: When Maria Met Patrick, paperback release. Buy here… 

17th February The (Wrong) Aeronauts, talk at the British Library with Lily Ford.

7th  March The Mother of the Brontës illustrated talk, Bradford Library, for International Women’s Day.

17th March Mother of the Brontës: meet the author, the Susanna Wesley Foundation, University of Roehampton. POSTPONED

25th March Those Magnificent Women in their Flying Machines illustrated talk, Chawton House. POSTPONED

24th April Methodist Independent School Trust Education Conference, Woodhouse Grove School. POSTPONED

16th May Lockdown Literary Festival, Chawton House: Those Magnificent Women and their Flying Machines

4th July Mrs Brontë’s Book Group, Bradford Libraries.

25th May What’s Her Name podcast: THE ABSENCE Maria Branwell Brontë

15th July PastLoves podcast: Maria & Patrick Brontë – The Love Story Behind The Legendary Literary Family with Sharon Wright.

24th August Bonnets at Dawn podcast: Agnes Grey with Special Guest Sharon Wright


30th August The Brontë Society launch of The Mother of the Brontës and Parsonage Unwrapped tour, Haworth.

31st August  Meet the writers Rowan Coleman and Sharon Wright, Ponden Hall, Stanbury.

12th September Mrs Brontë and the Ilfracombe Shipwreck, Ilfracombe Museum, Devon.

2nd October Radio Gorgeous podcast Author of the Week

10th October Guildford Book Festival.

15th October Sharon Wright – The Writer’s Bookshelf, Guildford Institute

6th November Balloonomania Belles illustrated talk, Morrab Library, Penzance.

22nd November Paper, Locating the Brontës Symposium, University of Sheffield.

23rd November Balloonomania Belles illustrated talk, Southwark Cathedral, London.

3rd December The Mother of the Brontës illustrated talk, Surbiton and District Historical Society.

13th December Mothering Heights, Thornton Community Library event, South Square Centre, Thornton.

14th December Thornton Antiquarians book signing, Thornton Christmas Market.