Sharon Wright is a freelance journalist, copywriter and scriptwriter.
Based in London, England. .


Content that reads like one very dull committee talking to another is often confused with ‘the stuff we need on the website’. It’s not. What you need on the website isunique, accessible, useful, clear and trustworthy content – in the language normal people use. That’s why happy digital clients and bosses include the BBC, Disney, CITB and energyshare. See what they say here…  and why they’re so chuffed here… I provide polished content that engages users immediately. That comes from having a rigorous editorial system from start to finish. It comes from the experience and intelligence to understand complex issues so they can be accurately translated into user-friendly plain English. Planning, briefing, writing, editing, newsletters and e-alerts for different types of campaign are all part of the service.

On a CMS I upload, link content, word promos and banish even the notion of a clunky teaser or broken link. There’s really no excuse for a 404 error, corrupted headline or riot of misspellings and apostrophe atrocities is there? Not with anaccuracy fanatic (me) on the job. See some examples of my digital work here…